Product Information

Beginning a project this big can be daunting. That's why we take pride in providing a catalog of helpful information to point you in the right direction.

LED Letter Installation

Below is a detailed channel letter installation guide, or watch our instructional sign installation videos on How to Wire RGB LED Channel Letters and Channel Letters Raceway and Wireway Mounting. All letter sets include a drawing that detail the arrangement of the subassemblies for reference. Unroll the enclosed paper pattern, and attach to desired wall, ensuring pattern is centered…

Channel Letter Power Supplies

LED Channel Letter Power Supply Power Supplies come in two standard configurations – “step up” and “step down”. Step up transformers increase the voltage output, and step down transformers decrease it. Neon illuminated channel letters typically need a step up transformer, and LED letters usually use a step downtransformer. This step down transformer is one…

Channel Letter Production Parameters

Channel Letter Size Small Channel Letters A rule of thumb is that any channel letter smaller than 8″ tall may have at least one channel that is too small for illumination installation. If any letter area is too small, we will alter the font and submit the alterations to you for approval prior to production.…

Channel Letter Signage Information

LED Illumination LED usage for channel letter illumination has increased substantially in the past few years. LED offers many advantages over neon, including sturdiness (less fragile to ship), easier installation, lightweight and better energy efficiency.