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Channel Letter Signs in 10 Days or Less: Your Time Matters

While most wholesale sign companies sacrifice time, quality, or profits on every channel letter job, we at Direct Sign Wholesale developed a streamlined process that…

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How Are Channel Letters Packed & Shipped?

One of the fundamental differences between channel letter producers is the manner in which the product is packaged and shipped. The comparison in quality, protection,…

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Louvino Channel Letter Sign

What Are Front/Back Lit Channel Letters?

It can be both fun and daunting to choose the type of custom LED channel letters for your business sign. If you’re not aware of…

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Flower Wild Reverse Backlit Channel Letters

How Long Will Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Last?

Buying a custom LED channel letter sign can be expensive, especially if your customer invests in a more expensive, higher-quality sign made with better materials….

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Chompers Family Dental Channel Letter Sign

Why We Specialize in Channel Letters

A lot of our customers wonder: why exactly does Direct Sign Wholesale specialize in wholesale custom LED channel letters? While many of our competitors offer…

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a close-up of two people shaking hands

Nail the Sale: Installation Talking Points

While sign installation isn’t usually a client’s first concern when it comes to buying custom LED channel letters, it can be an important factor in…

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CL Channel Letter Sign

Why Channel Letter Sign Location Matters 

Signage – it’s definitively one of the most important aspects of any physical business. Signs clearly communicate brand identity and attract customers. A good sign…

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Fessler's Channel Letter Sign

Why Channel Letter Font Makes a Huge Difference

There’s no doubt that custom LED channel letter signs are a great way to help your clients’ small businesses stand out from the crowd, but…

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Blacktooth Reverse Lit Channel Letter Sign

What are Reverse Lit Channel Letters?

Most storefronts these days sport traditionally lit channel letters, in which the LED strips of the lighted sign reside within the acrylic and metal letters…

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How to Pull A Business Sign Permit

Many smaller sign companies lose out on client business because they don’t know how to properly pull a sign installation permit with their local government….

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MilkCraft Halo Wood Backer Channel Letter Sign

Deep Dive: The DSW Black Series 

At Direct Sign Wholesale, we want to make sure there’s a signage solution for all of our customers, not just some of them. That’s why…

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Sales Science Series #2: Customizing Your Pitch

You’ve asked the right questions and found out what’s most important to your client when it comes to their channel letter needs. Now, it’s time…

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