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January 26, 2024

The Best Custom Channel Letter Signs: Why Typography Matters 


One common misconception that many businesses have is that the use of all caps, or uppercase letters, in their signage would be more effective. While it might seem like all caps would draw more attention or emphasize your brand, it can actually be detrimental to your overall message. This is due to the fact that people typically recognize words by their shapes, and all-uppercase text disrupts these shapes, making all caps readability more difficult.  

Typography, the art and technique of designing typed letters, is crucial for visual communication and can significantly influence how information is understood.

Typography involves choosing typefaces, point sizes, line lengths and spacing, as well as adjusting spaces between letters, and is key to delivering a business’s message and brand. It’s not just aesthetics, but the readability and effective message delivery that matter. 

As North America’s premier sign supplier specializing in channel letter signs, Direct Sign Wholesale (DSW) recognizes the role that sign fonts and typography plays in visual communication. Which is why we have assembled a concise guide to help ensure effective message delivery to your customers.

Why All Caps in Business Signage is a No-No

The use of all caps can significantly impact the way your business or brand is perceived, which is why it’s typically best to avoid their use. From all caps readability to digital communication etiquette and even as basic as grammar, here are some key reasons why we recommend refraining from their use.

  1. Our eyes are naturally adept at reading mixed case text due to its recognizable shapes and patterns, whereas all-caps text lacks this visual differentiation, resulting in slower reading speed. 
  2. All-caps can lead to legibility issues, particularly for those with specific visual impairments or disabilities.
  3. In digital communication, all caps text is often perceived as shouting, leading to potential misunderstanding. As we rely on punctuation and capitalization as tone indicators, all-caps messages can seem aggressive, rude, or overly assertive.


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Typography Best Practices For Custom Signs

Business signage typography is an essential tool for effectively communicating with customers. By strategically employing fonts, size, spacing, and color, a visually attractive and easy-to-understand display can be created. Even though typography provides a wide variety of creative possibilities, it’s crucial to adhere to these best practices to guarantee readability and comprehension. Let’s explore these typography best practices as they relate to custom channel letter signs.

1. Font

The primary goal of any sign is to ensure quick and easy readability by consumers, necessitating clear and legible fonts for channel letter signs. Overly stylized or hard-to-read fonts, multiple font types, and excessive graphics can clutter the sign and detract from the main message. Therefore, it’s advised to stick to one or two fonts and use graphics, such as logos, sparingly and meaningfully.

2. Size & Spacing

The readability of a sign depends not only on font style, but also on size and spacing. The overall font size should be large enough for distant and nighttime visibility, but not overwhelming up close, and the spacing–both between letters and lines of text–should neither be too crowded nor too disjointed. Striking the right balance in these factors is critical to optimize readability.

3. Color

Color is vital in business signage for capturing attention, evoking emotions, and enhancing visibility. However, some color combinations might be difficult to read from a distance or under certain lighting, so testing for legibility is recommended. We also recommend checking local regulations regarding color usage for custom channel letter signs is crucial.


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Get Started on Your Custom Letter Signage Today

As a sign retailer you understand the importance of thoughtful typography in business signage. From avoiding the usage of all caps to selecting clear and legible fonts, educating your customers on effective typography usage is essential to their business success. 

At Direct Sign Wholesale, we’re more than just a signage provider; we’re your partner committed to your long-term success and that of your clients. Our goal is to equip you with high-quality products and exceptional service, allowing you to deliver a premium experience to your business clients. Using advanced technology, eco-friendly manufacturing practices, and a steadfast commitment to process, protection, and documentation, we ensure your wholesale channel letter projects are completed and shipped on schedule.


Request a quote today to see how we can help you elevate your clients’ brand communication through effective typography in their custom channel letter signs.

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