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Front/Halo Lit Channel Letters

Front/Halo lit channel letters create striking illumination for channel letter signage.

Front/Halo lit channel letters create striking illumination for channel letter signage.

More about Front/Halo Lit Letters

If your client is looking for a dramatic illumination on their sign, our front and back lit channel letter sign might be the perfect option. Rather than just being lit from the front or from the back, the effect is slightly different and more dramatic than illuminating from either side.


Front/Halo Lit Channel Letters Offerings

3", 5" Aluminum Returns

Available in a variety colors paintable with most Pantone Matthews and Sherwin Williams colors. Custom coil is available at most depths for large quantity orders.

3/16” Acrylic Faces

Our standard front acrylic is 3/16”. We have ⅛” available for smaller sizes and interior signs, and 3/16″ impact modified acrylic for larger signs needing higher durability.

1” Trim Cap

Standard 1” trim caps are available in several colors (see our color charts), but 2” is also available in black, red, and white.

3M Vinyl Or Digital Print

We utilize 3M 3630 vinyl for it’s high quality and consistency, available in several colors. We also can provide high quality 3M digital prints.


Backplates are routed based on electronic file to ensure accuracy and integrity with mounting pattern, and can be custom painted. All jobs come with 1/4″ 20 zinc coated threaded rod and rivnuts.

1/2”-2” Stand-Offs

Standoffs are usually between 1/2 – 2″, but can be customized, as well as can be painted to match façade and provide a finished product housing for threaded rods.

LEDs and Lighting

We utilize high quality Principle LEDs, available in different colors, as well as RGBw’s, allowing for a unique and customizable look to your channel letter signs.

UL & CUL Approved

We are U.L. 48 Certified. All signage and material are built to this internationally recognized set of regulations. In certain areas local and NEC codes may supersede U.L. and we will need to be notified of those differences.

1/8”-3/16" Polycarb Backs

Used in signs with back lighting, we can provide either a clear or a white (diffused) polycarb backer (pending on the substrate it is being mounted on). Colored LED’s or applying 3M vinyl can also create unique colored halo effect.


This can be stud mounted, as well with raceways, wireways and backer panels. Please note that a backer panel is recommended if using with a raceway for any halo lit products.

Size Capabilities

A minimum size of 8” inches is needed for halo products due to the number of elements involved. Because of shipping constraints, we can only do a single letter up to 25’ in size.


We are able to provide color matching and custom paint options, as well as other customizations. Don’t see an example of what you are looking for? Reach out to our dedicated sales team to find out how we can help.

How They're Made

Ensuring the Quality of Front/Halo Lit Letter Signs

To ensure the quality of our front and halo lit channel letter signs, our letters are U.L Listed, and we use only high-quality materials to produce your sign.

Charts and Diagrams for Front/Halo Lit Letter Components

Front/Halo Lit Channel Letters Gallery

Benefits of Partnering With DSW

The DSW Difference

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DSW provides top rate customer service, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff who go above and beyond for you and your customers.
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