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Which Wich Channel Letter Sign

Using Yellow for Channel Letter Faces

Using Yellow for Channel Letter Faces  Our next item in the “acrylic color” series is the color yellow. The color yellow has some interesting qualities…

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Jeffersontown Police Channel Letter Sign

How To Use The Color Blue in Channel Letters

Is your client considering blue for their face color? Be sure to pass along these blue usage guidelines. This color may have challenges when specified…

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Louvino Channel Letter Sign

Which Color is Best for Restaurant Signage?

Your signage client wants to know the best color to include in their new restaurant sign. The restaurant is fast/casual dining. What recommendation would you make?…

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CityInn Channel Letter Sign

Advice to Sign Retailers Who Want More Referrals

Want to create an angry signage customer? Then sell a channel letter sign that has a risk of what is known as “voltage drop”. Voltage drop…

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CLS Channel Letter Sign

Free Direct Mail Copy for Your Signage Business

I’m tired of reading ongoing blog posts (including mine) about “how to do something.” Often when I read such posts I feel like saying “stop…

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Save Time by Asking These Key Questions

One time saving sales step is to get all of the basic project information out on the table at your initial meeting with a potential…

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Stock photo of warehouse workers collaborating.

Alliance Franchise Brands Vendor of the Year Award

Direct Sign Wholesale Receives an Alliance Franchise Brands Vendor of the Year Award Denver, CO. Wednesday March 9:  Direct Sign Wholesale, a wholesale manufacturer of…

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Does Your Client Need a Fast Installation?

What are the two worst words in the signage business? You know the answer. Grand opening. This is not to say that a grand opening…

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Increase sales by appealing to people's emotions

Sell More Signage with Emotional Appeal

You’ve probably heard the old axiom that people buy things emotionally, but then justify them logically. That applies to signage as well, including channel letters….

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Use the FUD Concept to Sell More Signs

Remember your basics in signage sales. One of which is the “FUD” concept. It has been used successfully by salespeople for years, and you can…

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Sign Sales Mistakes

Do You Make This Signage Sales Mistake?

Here is a hot selling tip: don’t try to solve a signage problem when you don’t know what the problem is.  When you have a…

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eye diagram of cones and rods

Why Red Should be on Your Night Visibility Color List

Why Red Should Be on Your Night Visibility Color List Your client just asked you for a color that has good night visibility. What do…

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