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How Much Gross Margin Should I Charge for Channel Letters?

How much gross margin is appropriate for channel letter signage? Many customers have inquired about the correct markup amount for a channel letter set. The…

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More Effective Signage in a Single Step

More Effective Signage in a Single Step You know one of the standard problems with installing effective signage. It is “drown out”, or the tendency…

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How to Increase Your Gross Margins

How to Increase Your Gross Margin Many clients have asked us how to obtain better margins on their channel letter (and other signage ) sales….

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What is an LED Viewing Angle?

As a signage professional, it is worth your time to know about an important feature of LED illumination. That is the “viewing angle”, and the…

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Investing in a sign is investing in your business

Top Ten Reasons for Investing in Signage

Why should your customer invest in signage instead of other media? Let’s take a look at the top ten fast answers to that question. 10….

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A Street Fighting Sign Color Combination

Your customer’s channel letter sign will be in a crowded and distracting sign environment. What is an effective color combination to use to get your…

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Reduce Your Shipping Cost

Chances are, you are familiar with the following scenario: You review a wholesale sign estimate and notice it does not include the shipping cost. After…

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Direct Sign Wholesale Logo

Direct Sign Wholesale Promotes Andy Shannon to Director of Project Management

Denver, CO. Monday April 27: Direct Sign Wholesale, a wholesale manufacturer of channel letter signage, announces the promotion of Andy Shannon to Director of Project…

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Petsmart Channel Letter Sign

A Quick Idea for Increased Sign Effectiveness

What is a simple way to increase the probability that a channel letter sign will be effective? Here is one easy way: make sure your…

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Channel Letter Signs from the Shop

Signs from the Shop: Front-Lit Channel Letter Logo Box

Check out the detail on this week’s Signs from the Shop! This front-lit channel letter logo box recently left the warehouse, but we couldn’t bear…

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How To Improve Signage Night Visibility

Your potential customer just showed you his front lit channel letter sign artwork. You notice the design calls for burgundy vinyl covering the face. What…

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Direct Sign Wholesale Mobile Website

Direct Sign Wholesale Launches New Mobile Website

Direct Sign Wholesale has always sought to make getting a quote for wholesale channel letters as easy as possible. Now, with the launch of our…

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