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Visitors among the stands of companies.

Preparing For 2022 Sign Expos?

If you’re looking to grow your sign business, consider attending a sign expo. Expos and conventions are great opportunities to see the latest design ideas,…

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Gravity Heights Channel Letter Sign

Why Bigger Is Better for Business Signage

Although our world is becoming more digital, it doesn’t mean your customers should discount the benefits of physical signage. According to a 2012 study conducted…

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Why Adding a Logo to Your Sign Can Drive Business

Think of some legendary brands like McDonalds, Apple, or Starbucks. If you’re like most people, it’s probably easier to picture these brands’ visual logos instead…

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Black Tooth Channel Letter Sign

Improve Your Sign’s Night Visibility

Daylight savings rolled across much of the US and Canada this month, which signals longer nights. Night visibility is a big concern in the sign…

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Casual Friday Donuts Channel Letter Sign

How Are Channel Letters Made?

As you know, channel letters help your clients’ business stand out from the crowd. With customized colors, sizes, lighting, and logos, just about any brand…

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Sales Science Series #3: Overcoming Objections

Every buyer is hesitant before making a purchase, and when a buyer says “no,” you may be tempted to give up. But don’t throw in…

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Sales Science Series #1: Ask Your Client Questions

Asking questions before starting to pitch your product is key to landing a successful sale. Not only can you identify what’s most important to your…

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Do You Make any of These 9 Signage Mistakes?

Want to make your customer’s channel letter sign more effective? Follow these nine simple principles and you can’t go wrong. FONT – Stick with sans…

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Channel Letter signs

Increase Your Revenues with More Add-on Sales

Increase Your Revenues with More Add-on Sales You know the importance of referrals. They are a critical part of the growth of your business. But…

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Semion Barbershop Channel Letter Sign

How to Use White with Channel Letters

Is your client considering white faces for their channel letter sign? White has many advantages as a color but also some limitations. Here are a…

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Which Wich Channel Letter Sign

Using Yellow for Channel Letter Faces

Using Yellow for Channel Letter Faces  Our next item in the “acrylic color” series is the color yellow. The color yellow has some interesting qualities…

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Jeffersontown Police Channel Letter Sign

How To Use The Color Blue in Channel Letters

Is your client considering blue for their face color? Be sure to pass along these blue usage guidelines. This color may have challenges when specified…

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