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July 18, 2022

What are Reverse Lit Channel Letters?

Blacktooth Reverse Lit Channel Letter Sign

Most storefronts these days sport traditionally lit channel letters, in which the LED strips of the lighted sign reside within the acrylic and metal letters themselves. When the sign is turned on, the lights illuminate the letters from the inside, so that the letters themselves are lit. While standard wholesale LED channel letters are always a safe bet for brand recognition and quality, there is no denying the style factor of reverse lit LED channel letters. 

See an example: Signarama of Deer Park

So, what is a reverse channel letter? Here’s what you need to know about wholesale reverse-lit LED channel letters.  

Reverse Lit LED Channel Letters Have a Halo Effect

Unlike front lit LED channel letters, the LEDs in reverse-lit channel letter signs are mounted on clear Lexan back panels. Because the front panel of each channel letter is made of aluminum or another opaque material, the light from the LEDs when the reverse-lit channel letter sign is turned on shines through the back of the sign rather than through the front. Since reverse-lit channel letters are mounted away from the wall, the space between the wall and the sign catches the light from the channel letters and diffuses it in almost a halo around each letter. For this reason, reverse lit LED channel letters are also called halo lit channel letters.  

Reverse Lit LED Channel Letters Set Your Client’s Business Apart

Because reverse-lit LED channel letter signs are less commonly used than front-lit channel letter signs are, when your clients choose reverse-lit channel letters for their business sign, they are automatically going to stand out from the crowd. Not only that, but depending on the color of lighting your clients choose for their custom reverse-lit channel letter sign, their sign might actually be more visible at night to prospective clients, thanks to the bright halo effect reverse-lit channel letters have.

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Reverse Lit LED Channel Letters Are Customizable

At Direct Sign Wholesale, we offer a wide variety of customization options for your clients’ reverse-lit LED channel letter signs. Your client can choose from any font style, any paint color, and 2”, 3”, or 5” aluminum returns. As always, at Direct Sign Wholesale, we ensure the quality of our wholesale LED channel letter signs by using only the highest quality materials available, and all of our reverse-lit channel letter signs are U.L. and CUL Approved. 

For more information on Direct Sign Wholesale’s line of wholesale custom LED channel letters, or to learn more about how Direct Sign Wholesale produces custom reverse-lit LED channel letters for your clients, contact our friendly team of sign experts today. 

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