Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are an impactful signage choice. They are 3-D letter signs that are dynamic, eye-catching, and sure to attract customers to your client’s store. The letters are bold, individually-lit, and individually-built to ensure the most visibility. The Xtreme Outerwear sign below is an example of front/back-lit channel letters


Great Clips Channel Letters


Channel Letter Sign Customization

Channel letter signage can be customized to fit your client’s needs including most font, color, size, and design wishes. Your client can also select from a range of channel letter types to find the right fit for their store and budget.

At Direct Sign Wholesale, we use state-of-the-art equipment to precisely produce our channel letters. This ensures the quality, durability, and appeal of our signage.


Xtreme Outerwear Front/Back Lit Channel Letters


Channel Letter Sign Illumination

In terms of how the channel letter signs are illuminated, there are two choice: LED or neon. As the use of neon illumination has decreased in popularity, LED channel letters have become the most common letter type. The technology of LED channel letter illumination has improved to the point that it can rival neon illumination and it’s also energy efficient. 


Why Channel Letter Signs Are a Popular Choice

Channel letter signs are eye-catching and professional, which is why many store owners choose them. You can see channel letter signs used by national brands and chains, because they’re an effective component of a brand awareness program. This is why channel letter signage is a common choice for grocery stores, restaurants, and retailers seeking to enhance brand recognition. 


Safeway channel letters


Channel letter signs have “stopping power,” which is what most clients want. If your client’s business is located on a busy street or in a popular shopping center, they’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Give them the benefit of a sign that attracts thousands more impressions. Contact us for a fast wholesale channel letter quotation.


Channel letter sign at a shopping center