Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

Front/Back Lit channel letters are an excellent choice for a striking and eye-catching signage presence.

As the name implies, these letters emit illumination both from the letter front (face) and back. 

Just as with standard reverse channel letters, front/back lit letters have a clear polycarbonate back to prevent animals from nesting inside the letter. 

Well designed Front/Back lit letters have a dramatic effect. The combination of both front and rear illumination creates a vibrant and attention-generating channel letter sign.

Color Charts for Letter Components

Acrylic color chart      Return colors   Trim cap colors     Vinyl colors

Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

For front/back lit channel letters, we offer:

  • Any font style
  • 5" prefinished aluminum returns
  • Clear polycarbonate backs
  • Acrylic faces
  • 1" trim cap
  • LED illumination
  • 1.5" standoffs
  • U.L. Listed

Front/Back Lit LED Channel Letters