Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

Front and back-lit channel letters create striking illumination for channel letter signage. In this option, the channel letters are illuminated both from the front and the back. The effect is slightly different and more dramatic than illuminating from either side. Read on for an overview of front-lit, back-lit and both front-and-back-lit channel letters.

Front-lit Channel Letters

The front-lit design gives you many options to create a look that reflects your client’s business. They are typically made of aluminum with Plexiglas faces and Jewelite trim, and your client can choose their letter, face and trim colors.

Your client can also select either neon or LED illumination in order to create a glow that can be noticed from afar. Front-lit channel letters are mounted individually, and all components are included, such as hardware and electrical wiring. 

Back-lit Channel Letters

Back-lit channel letters are typically made from aluminum and have the option of neon or LED light to illuminate the back of the letter. The glow will be cast onto the mounting wall, which creates a “halo” effect that can be very attention-grabbing.

Back-lit channel letters are mounted individually and come with all the hardware and electrical wiring needed. 

Front and Back-lit Channel Letters

The combination of front- and back-lighting combines to create a dramatic effect. It’s one of the most striking designs you can choose in terms of illumination. They also have a clear polycarbonate back to prevent animals from nesting in the letters.

For front/back lit channel letters we offer:

      Any font style

      5" prefinished aluminum returns

      Clear polycarbonate backs

      Acrylic faces

      1" trim cap

      LED illumination

      1.5" standoffs

      U.L. Listed


Color Charts for Letter Components

The colors charts for the different components of the channel letters are below:

Acrylic/Trim/Return Colors    Vinyl Colors

Front/Back Lit Channel Letters


Front/Back Lit LED Channel Letters