3 Series

We heard you loud and clear and developed our three lines with your customer types in mind.

Lean Series is for the end user on a budget.  Great for low-end strip malls or first-time business owners.  High-quality letters yet simplified.

Red Series is our industry-leading quality channel letters that you have always known.  Great for every customer for every situation.

Black Series is for the discerning customer that wants the best.  It is also great for those hard-to-reach locations like high rises. This line has the very best materials available on the market.

Lean, Red, and Black Pricing Explained

Group 16

DSW Lean Series

1 year warranty with no labor covered

Group 17

DSW Red Series

5 year warranty with 1 year limited labor

Group 18

DSW Black Series

7 year warranty with 3 years limited labor

Specs Lean Red Black
Sloan SE LEDYes
3mm ACM BacksYesYesYes
3' ReturnsYesYes
5' ReturnsYesYesYes
1/8' AcrylicYes
3/16' AcrylicYes
3/16' Impact Mod AcrylicYes
1' TrimYesYesYes
2' TrimYes
Sizing Limitations
Limited sizes (12'-28')Yes
Any size (8'-59')YesYes
Paper PatternYesYes
Tyvek PatternYes
Self Attached LettersYesYes
Riv Nuts & Rod for MountingYes
3' WhipsYesYes
8' Whips and Wall BustersYes
1 Year Warranty (No Labor)Yes
5 Year Warranty (1 Year Limited Labor)Yes
7 Year Warranty (3 Year Limited Labor)Yes