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LED Channel Letters

Channel letters are typically illuminated with LED (light emitting diodes).

Channel letters are typically illuminated with LED (light emitting diodes).

While channel letter signs have typically been illuminated with neon lighting, the past few years have seen an increase in LED lighting as an illumination source.

Not only are LED channel signs more energy efficient, lower maintenance and have a lower voltage than neon-lit ones, their lightweight design nearly eliminates breakage.


LED Channel Letters Offerings

  • Greater savings over the life of the sign, as LED requires 5-10 times less power, resulting in lower utilities bills and a reduced carbon footprint
  • Are almost maintenance-free and may last up to 10 years
  • A broader viewing angle which allows a larger area of the letter face to be brightly illuminated by a single module
  • Use of a lower voltage transformer, so ground fault protection is often not required with this type of power supply
  • Are more durable than neon and have no dangerous gas
  • Are brighter and can be seen from farther distances
  • Can be easily controlled by wireless modem and remote control
  • More environmentally friendly than neon so some cities and municipalities are more likely to issue a sign permit for LED

The experts at Direct Sign Wholesale can help you be proficient in the benefits of LED Letter Signage, whether selling a new signage unit or helping a client convert their neon sign to this newer technology.



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