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March 21, 2022

Improve Your Sign’s Night Visibility

Black Tooth Channel Letter Sign

Daylight savings rolled across much of the US and Canada this month, which signals longer nights. Night visibility is a big concern in the sign business, and helping your customers increase their sign’s night visibility helps them grow their business and remain a satisfied customer. Make sure your customers’ signs are making the most out of the longer nights by following these night visibility tips.

Avoid Dark Colors

Dark colors, like dark blue, burgundy, black, purple, and dark green make letters harder to see at night, even when properly illuminated. If the customer is sold on using a darker color, discuss alternatives like the “reveal” letter configuration. Using this solution, you lay a dark vinyl over a slightly larger, light acrylic face. Essentially, your customers’ letters will be “outlined” with a light color, making it easier to see.

If your customer doesn’t want to use the reveal configuration, try perforated vinyl. In this option, the vinyl face is filled filled with tiny holes that allow light to pass through. During the day, the holes aren’t visible, so the sign will retain its normal color. At night, light will pass through the vinyl and illuminate the letters with a bright white light.

Use Color Contrast

High-contrast pairings are a surefire way to make a sign stand out. Contrasting colors can be implemented in many ways, including the reveal option discussed above. Since there are many competing channel letters lighting up the night sky, especially in urban areas, high-contrast signage can help your client stand out from the crowd.

White is easily seen at night and is a good choice to pair with most colors, as is yellow. Some especially legible combinations include:

  • White and black
  • White and blue
  • White and red
  • Yellow and black
  • Red and yellow
  • Yellow and brown
  • Blue and yellow

Use LED Lights

LED lights are brighter than neon lights and can be seen from farther distances. Plus, LED lights are almost maintenance-free and can last up to 10 years, ensuring your customer’s sign shines bright for years to come.

Practice Proper Maintenance Techniques

Depending on the type of sign and materials used, each clients’ channel letters will require a different maintenance routine. After installation, make sure your customer understands how often they’ll need to replace their sign’s lights and how to clean their letters. Routine cleaning can remove layers of dirt and make the sign appear brighter – just make sure your customer understands the cleaning procedure for their specific order.

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