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September 14, 2022

Nail the Sale: Installation Talking Points

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While sign installation isn’t usually a client’s first concern when it comes to buying custom LED channel letters, it can be an important factor in which signage a client ends up choosing for their business. Higher quality installation materials can increase a sign’s price, but they can be important if a storefront will present any challenges because of the storefront’s construction, age, or other factors. Additionally, installation times and costs can be higher if the sign itself is extra large, or if the sign will need to be installed very high up. Last but not least, your clients will have plenty of questions of their own about the installation of their sign—usually concerning permitting, timelines, and things of that nature. At Direct Sign Wholesale, we want you to be equipped to sell your clients the custom LED channel letter signs that will perform the best for their businesses. 

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Here’s what to know about custom LED channel letter sign installation. 

What to Know About Installation Hardware

There are a lot of different installation terms to know when discussing channel letter sign mounting: whips, wall busters, and riv nuts, for instance. Essentially, these are all just hardware pieces that are necessary to install lighted signs. Whips are the cables which run power from the building’s power source to the sign itself. Essentially the only difference between different kinds of whips is length. If the sign is further from the power source, or if the wall the sign is being mounted on is thicker than normal, your client might want longer whips. Riv nuts are small fasteners that secure your sign in place. If your client’s sign is heavy, larger, or going to be installed on difficult or thick material, they might also want a set of wall busters, which are thick plastic or metal cord protectors that help run the cords back through the wall without causing damage. While in most cases, installation hardware isn’t too vital, your client’s sign installation circumstances can inform whether hardware is something you’ll need to keep in mind. 

How High Will the Sign Be Installed?

How large your client’s custom LED channel letter sign is will also inform what kind of installation conversations you’ll need to have with them. Installation is a complicated process that involves permitting with the city, finding a reliable, certified installer, and then establishing timelines that work for all parties involved. If your client’s sign is extra large or needs to be installed very high up, these conversations will all be more complicated. When installing becomes more complex, it’s a good idea to talk to your client about LED channel letter products with a more comprehensive and extended warranty. The last thing you want is to spend all this time and effort getting their sign installed only to have to replace it years later. In this case, we would recommend talking to your client about a channel letter product like our Black Series of channel letters. Scheduling repairs under a warranty like that one is much easier than replacing the sign entirely. 

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Anticipate Their Installation Questions

Your clients will likely have clients with questions surrounding the channel letter sign installation process. It’s a good idea to have ready answers to their most common questions. Here are a few installation questions to have an answer to: 

  • How do I secure a sign installation permit?
  • How long does it take to install the sign?
  • Who can install the sign? 

Keeping these things in mind when you discuss channel letter sign installation with your clients will help you nail the sale, and more importantly, help you determine exactly which kind of channel letter signage will be the best fit for each of your customers. If you have any specific questions about installation, please contact our Direct Sign Wholesale channel letter experts today! 

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