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November 17, 2022

What Are Front/Back Lit Channel Letters?

Louvino Channel Letter Sign

It can be both fun and daunting to choose the type of custom LED channel letters for your business sign. If you’re not aware of all the different choices available to you, it can be hard to tell the differences between each type. A great option for any business that wants to stand out are front/back lit channel letters. 

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Here’s everything you need to know about front/back lit channel letter signs. 

Salem Pharmacy Channel Letter Sign During the Day

Why Choose Front/Back Lit Channel Letters? 

Unlike traditional LED channel letters, which are lit from inside, and unlike reverse lit, or “halo lit,” channel letters, which are lit from behind, front/back lit channel letters combine the best of both worlds. That’s right. If you’re looking for the maximum impact from your custom LED channel letter signs, you should definitely consider choosing a design that incorporates front/back lit channel letters. With front/back lit channel letter signs, the letters are lit both from within each letter and from behind each letter, giving off the most light and attracting the most attention. The effect creates a slick, well-designed look for your clients’ storefronts. 

Traditional Channel Letters

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

Materials DSW Uses For Front/Back Lit Channel Letter Signs 

Just like any other kind of custom LED channel letters that Direct Sign Wholesale produces, the materials we use for our front/back lit custom LED channel letter signs are high quality at any level. Front/back lit channel letter signs made by Direct Sign Wholesale come in 3” and 5”, with 3” and 5″ returns, with a 1” trim cap, 3/16” acrylic faces, ⅛” Lexan backs, and ½”-2” stand-offs. For best lighting, we recommend a 2.5” stroke or greater, as this ensures the sigh nlights well on the wall as well as in front of the letter. All of our front/back lit channel letter signs are UL & CUL approved, and can be made with vinyl or using digital print. You can also choose from flush or raceway mounting when it comes to installation. 

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These are just a few things to keep in mind when considering a front/back lit channel letter sign for your business or for your clients. For more personal recommendations on signage, or to request a quote, contact our friendly team of sign experts today! 

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