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May 19, 2022

Deep Dive: The DSW Black Series 

MilkCraft Halo Wood Backer Channel Letter Sign

At Direct Sign Wholesale, we want to make sure there’s a signage solution for all of our customers, not just some of them. That’s why we developed our Lean, Red, and Black series of channel letters, so that customers can choose which level of channel letter signage is right for their business. The crown jewel of this series is our Black series, which we’ve designed to be the longest-lasting, most eye-catching, and most fully customizable line of channel letters we offer. In this deep dive into our Black series of channel letters, we want to elaborate on the specific benefits and selling points of this category of our wholesale channel letters.

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We’ve pulled together a list of the best features that the Black series of custom led channel letters has to offer. The Black series of custom channel letters is perfect for more established clients who are looking to stand out with custom signage. 

Top of the Line Wholesale Sign Materials 

If your clients are looking for the highest quality LED channel letters on the market, look no further. Our Black series of channel letters are made with premier materials, from ultra-bright PLED 24v LED lights to solid 3 or 5-inch returns with 1 to 2-inch trim. Even the installation hardware on the Black series is something special, as this series comes equipped with 8-foot whips and wall busters, as well as riv nuts & rod for mounting. The face of each channel letter is custom cut out of 3/16′ Impact Mod Acrylic, meaning that your Black series channel letters will stand up to even the harshest of weather. When it comes to quality of materials, the Black series of channel letters from Direct Sign Wholesale is the right choice for your clients. The quality of materials we use is a big part of what goes into the price point for this series, so we recommend selling the Black series to your more established clients, those who are likely to be in the same building for at least five years. 

Practically Unlimited Channel Letter Customization 

That being said, if you have a customer of any size with highly specific customization needs, the Black series is the way to go. When you place an order for the Black series of channel letters for your client, they’ll have the option to create a sign with channel letters that measure anywhere from 8 inches tall to a whopping 59 inches tall. They can choose how wide they’d like their return to be (either 3 or 5 inches wide), and they can select from any of our sign colors to fully customize their sign’s look. Simply put, our Black series of channel letters offer the most flexibility out of all our lines of custom LED channel letter signs. The Black series is especially appropriate for any clients who are ordering signs for giant warehouses, since they can order channel letters that are large enough to stand out on their massive building. 

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7 Year Warranty with 3 Years of Limited Labor 

For similar reasons, another great feature of the Black series of channel letters is the unparalleled product warranty that comes with each sign ordered. The warranty for the Black series of custom LED channel letters from Direct Sign Wholesale lasts 7 years, with 3 years of limited labor included. That the Black series comes with such a comprehensive warranty plan makes this series an excellent, and almost necessary, choice for clients who have tricky or high-up installations. The last thing your clients want to worry about is installing a giant sign in an incredibly hard-to-reach location only to then have to call someone out for an additional fee to make repairs on that sign. The quality and workmanship of the Black series of channel letters, as well as the long-lasting warranty that comes with them, make these wholesale channel letters perfect for clients with hard-to-reach installations. 


For these and many other reasons, our Black series of wholesale channel letters is the perfect choice for more customers with specific needs, with a high signage budget, or with high and hard-to-reach installations. For more information about our Lean, Red, and Black series of channel letter products, contact us today or download a brochure. 


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