What is a Full Cover Configuration?

What is a full cover vinyl configuration?

As was noted in our two previous posts, vinyl configurations can alter the standard appearance of a channel letter acrylic face.

A third vinyl configuration is “full cover”, which (as the name suggests) is a vinyl layer that completely covers the letter face.

In a full cover vinyl configuration, the typical acrylic color is white.

Clear acrylic will periodically be specified, but white is the most common “base” color for a full cover configuration.

Channel Letter with Full Cover Vinyl Application

So why bother with full cover vinyl? One reason is an extended color selection. Vinyl provides many color options not available from standard acrylics.

This can be helpful for matching a client’s branding colors.

Another reason to consider a full cover configuration is the option to change the face color when the sign is illuminated. 

This is done by using a product called day/night (or perforated) vinyl.

This product permits a letter set to have a changing color appearance from day to night, like the letters C, H, Z and E in the Chuze Fitness sign below.

Other day/night color options are also available.

Chuze Fitness Sign Day Appearance

Chuze Fitness Sign Night Appearance

In summary, full cover is a third vinyl option to customize your customer’s channel letter sign appearance.

It offers both a larger set of color options and an ability to change the illuminated face color.

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