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December 12, 2013

Better Channel Letter Proposals Using Your Competitive Advantage

Love Channel Letter Sign With Moss in it

What is Your Competitive Advantage? What is an effective way to market your signage business? By focusing on your company’s competitive advantage. That is the signage activity that your company does best. Do you know your company’s competitive advantage? Emphasizing what you do best can be a great way to market your business and win more sales. You know you do certain things better than the competition, and maybe you have one activity at which you are the absolute best in your market. What is it?

For example, your sign company might feature:

* Company ownership of production and installation equipment

* High level of staff experience

* Focus on specific signage types

* Quality of signage design creativity

* Size of geographic area covered

* Types of installations performed – non-electrical and electrical

Make a similar list for your business. And then pick the single most important feature from that list, and make sure it is featured prominently in your channel letter and other signage proposals. One quick competitive advantage formula is to state a different and compelling activity of your business, and then state why you do it. For example, a Georgia-based sign company who offers state-wide installation could have this competitive advantage statement: “We produce and install signage programs for the entire state of Georgia because that makes our company convenient and easy to use for signage programs with wide geography.” Your proposals should also list the other advantages and benefits your company offers – don’t restrict it to just one in your proposal. But state the one item you do best prominently – make your competitive advantage clear and sell more channel letters.

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