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July 9, 2014

Channel Letter Sign Design: Maximize Space for Maximum Value

Love Channel Letter Sign With Moss in it

When designing a sign, you have a limited amount of space, but should also consider the limited attention span of viewers. We recently learned from Strickler Signs that first impressions are made in five seconds or less—does your customer’s sign pass this test? Strickler Signs goes on to include several helpful tips to consider when assisting your customer with the concept for their channel letter sign. To help them maximize the space available to them—and ultimately the efficiency of their sign overall—address these elements in your proposal: effectiveness Be Brief What does the sign need to say? Generally, channel letters are best suited for displaying just the business name. Occasionally a slogan or tagline might fit, but it’s almost always better to keep text short and to the point so that it can be quickly and easily read. Plus, the less words your customer selects, the larger font you will be able to use for the business name. Keep It Simple With only five seconds to get a message across to a viewer, remind your customer to keep their sign simple for effective day and night visibility. Good, clean design is far more visually attractive and easy to understand than a complicated, busy sign. Choose a combination of high contrast colors and an easily legible font to avoid any clutter or confusion for the reader.


Utilize Design Help your customer convey a deeper message about their business by embodying the look and feel of their brand. By utilizing specific colors, fonts, styles and spatial arrangements, the aesthetic of a channel letter sign can visually communicate a lot about the company culture without wasting precious space on more textual elements. By assessing these concepts with your customer during the planning stages, you can aid them in creating the most attractive and effective channel letters as possible! Read the full post from Strickler Signs here.

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